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For blades up to 12” (30 cm long).

Introducing the improved Anago Analyzer a230  – Knife edition with built-in reporting and 20% faster testing time.    The new Analyzer offers operational efficiencies whilst still providing the industry-standard Anago Score that global Anago users know and trust.  The engineering and design improvements have resulted in a better user experience whilst improving productivity and yield in the protein world.

20% Faster Testing Speed, Frees Up Time

  • Mechanical and software improvements have resulted in a 20% faster testing speed allowing you more time to improve your knife sharpness program.

Integrated Technology and Hardware – All In One Unit

  • The knife testing and scoring data is now one unit and easier to use.
  • All in one unit means no laptop required and less dependency on IT staff.
  • The integrated touchscreen provides full reporting and receives automatic software updates.
The key differences between a KST200/ KST300 Anago Knife Sharpness Tester and the improved Anago Analyzer a230?
  • An ‘all one unit’ with integrated technology and hardware – (no laptop required and less dependency on your IT staff)
  • 10-inch touchscreen that provides full reporting that automatically receives software updates
  • Multiple USB ports – ideal for those who want to attach a keyboard and mouse
  • Overall a sleek new design with a number of really practical design features (like a space for the calibration mass to be stored)
  • Scanner functionality provides a fast, easy and accurate mechanism to enter data into your inventory system and track your knives.
  • Best of all – it operates 20% faster than both the KST200 and KST300!



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