Adept Touchless Cartridge Clip Dispenser, Beef & Lamb

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The Adept Touchless Clip Cartridge Dispenser stands as the pinnacle of contamination-free clip storage and dispensing for Adept Beef and Lamb Cartridge clips, prioritising both efficiency and hygiene. Using infrared technology, the dispenser detects the operator’s hand position and promptly delivers a clip without requiring direct contact, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Touch-free clip dispensing mechanism enhances hygiene by eliminating the need for direct contact with the dispenser.
  • Zero cross-contamination transfer between clips ensures product integrity and compliance with stringent food safety regulations.
  • Designed for maximum reliability and safety, the dispenser system provides consistent performance and minimises operational risks.
  • Quick and easy loading process reduces downtime and enhances overall productivity in processing operations.
  • Multiple capacity options are available to accommodate varying production requirements and facility sizes.
  • Compatible with all Adept Beef and Lamb cartridges, ensuring versatility and compatibility with existing systems.

The Adept Touchless dispenser represents a cutting-edge solution for clip dispensing, combining advanced technology with practical design features to meet the demands of modern food processing facilities. By prioritising both hygiene and efficiency, this dispenser system sets a new standard for clip storage and dispensing, offering a reliable and user-friendly solution for maximising operational performance while ensuring product quality and safety.

AD1020-850 Touchless Dispenser Base
AD1020-910 – Beef TLD Carousel (500 Clip)
AD1020-920 – Beef TLD Carousel (750 Clip)
AD0739-930 – Lamb TLD Carousel (1000 Clip)

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